"Bringing back the neighborhood butcher shop."

    That’s our goal at The Chop Shop Butchery, and we’re doing it by partnering with great local and regional farmers to do it. We carry premium meats from animals raised in the best way possible—all-natural, sustainable, ethical farming. These animals live natural stress-free lives and are not treated with antibiotics, hormones or fed animal by-products and therefore produce healthy, great-tasting meat. By being a small, independent shop we can have direct relationships with farmers so we can tell you specifics about each cut of meat we carry.

    Our cases are stocked with high quality beef, pork, poultry, and lamb.We also have a rotating selection of house made sausages and charcuterie, many of which are finished in our smokehouse located in our shop.

  • Whole Hog butchering class

    Our Next Class:
    Whole Hog 2.0

    Thursday, October 17th | 6-8 pm


    By request from some of our class regulars, we’re opening an advanced Whole Hog Butchery series to the public!


    *NOTE: We do ask that you attend a Whole Hog 1.0 Course before signing up for this one.

    What to Expect:

    • You’ll butcher half of a Heritage breed hog yourself with professional assistance
    • This class is limited to 6 to 8 students so that we can maximize the time you spend butchering
    • All students get to take home some of the pork that they cut during the class.
    • Before the class begins, you’ll get to enjoy some of our house-made and local charcuterie as well as wine and beer. 
    • Take home PDF notes and photos from the class!
    • Enjoy 10% off all pork from our shop and any future classes you sign up for.
    Where does our pork come from?
    We carefully source our pork from two trusted, North Carolina farms: Warren Wilson Farm and Hickory Nut Gap.





    Tuesday - Saturday

    10AM - 7PM

    lunch served from 10AM - 3PM


    11AM - 3PM



    The BEST way to contact us is to call the shop at


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